Little Rangers on Big Missions

Little rangers big missions for autumn

Turn your kids into Little Rangers by taking part in our Big Missions to help nature.

We’re looking for kids of all ages who are happy to roll up their sleeves, pull on their wellies and help us with some important conservation jobs to look after nature at our places and spaces.

We’re calling them Little Rangers, and we’d love you to get your children involved.

Big Missions for autumn include rock pooling
Little Rangers Big autumn Missions to help nature
Big Missions for autumn include rock pooling

Our Big Missions for Little Rangers include everything from gathering leaves, to protecting wildlife by lifting litter and feeding the birds.

Creative kids can build bug hotels too, to provide quality accommodation for creepy crawlies, or get their hands dirty pulling out unwanted weeds.

Below are some of the Big Missions your Little Rangers can help us with:

Don’t forget to pick up a Little Ranger sticker at reception when you’re done – thank you for helping us!

Little Rangers, Big Missions


Litter picking

Help us to look after wildlife by carefully collecting any rubbish you spot on your summer adventure here. If you find glass or dangerous items please report it to a Ranger.

Build a hibernation den

Help us make sure hibernating animals like hedgehogs have somewhere cosy to sleep this winter. Stack some sticks in a semi-circle and cover over with leafy branches, add some leaves and moss for a cosy bed. Show us our den and let us know if anything makes it their home.

Gathering leaves

You can make compost from fallen leaves that can be used to help other plants grow. Find a big tree and gather up all the leaves in to neat piles to be collected for compost. What colours of leaves did you find? How big was your pile? Share an action shot or video and a photo of your Little Ranger with their leaf mountain.

Wildlife tracking

The days are colder and getting even shorter - but there are still lots of animals on the move. They're foraging for food, grass, sticks and feathers to line their dens to keep them warm. Little Rangers, we need you to wrap up warm and head out to see what you can spot - look for their tracks on the ground. Can you spot a foxes paw print, or maybe a little Robin's tracks?  Let us know what you find - tag your pictures #NTLittleRangers.

Rockpool checklist

We need your help to make sure the water around our coast is clean and discover what sea creatures we have on our shores. Look under seaweed and below the surface to see who you can find lurking in rockpools, if you see any rubbish on our shores carefully collect it for the bin. What did you find? Was the water nice and clean? Let us see you in action Little Rangers.


Little Rangers checking out the rock pools on Strangford Lough
Little Rangers checking out the rock pools on Strangford Lough
Little Rangers checking out the rock pools on Strangford Lough

Bird feeding

It’s your mission to check the birds have enough food these colder days. Search for berries to make sure there is plenty around for birds to eat. Don’t forget to put out food for your birds at home too. Did you find any blackberries? Did you spot any birds? Did you learn anything about birds?

Seed collecting

Collect seeds you find and leave them in little piles at the bottom of trees or give them to passing Big Rangers, to grow new trees. Gather conkers, acorns or find sycamore and beech seeds for our rangers to plant. Bring some seeds home and plant them in your garden.  What did you find? What tree will it grow into? Who might live in that tree one day?

Tree checks

Help us make sure our trees are healthy - have a walk around a tree to make sure the trunk and roots are ok. Measure the width, check for lichen on the bark and take bark rubbings. Why not take a tree survey to see how many different species there are.

Build a bug hotel

Find lots of types of sticks and leaves and look for a log to build them around. Leave your bug hotel ready for other rangers to inspect on their adventures.

Pond dipping      

Peer (carefully) into ponds to see what lurks beneath the surface. Note the variety of bugs you see. Check to see if you can spot any litter as this can be harmful to wildlife. Remove it, but only if it’s safe to do so.

Winter food search

Rabbits look for food under the frost and snow. Can you help them find twigs and grass by stomping the cold, icy ground with your feet?


Natural play at Springhill

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