Behind the scenes of the BBC Countryfile Live launch photoshoot

Countryfile Live presenters in front of a sixteen foot haystack

Our Comms and Event Manager, Jeannette, went behind the scenes of the Countryfile Live photoshoot.

The rain had stopped.  It left a misty, fuzzy sky which cleared to opaque grey as time sped by in the stillness of an early morning start.

After a drizzly day when the haystack took shape from a single bale to a gigantic structure filling much of the North Court at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, everyone was mightily relieved.  No risk of a soggy haystack and much more importantly no risk of drenched Countryfile presenters!

The first couple of hours were filled with briefings and hair and make-up for some, before the light conditions were right and it was time to literally spring into action with a comprehensive shoot list, photographers and the VT rolling.

The presenters looked exactly as they do on TV and were just as warm and engaging in real life. They gamely climbed into their allotted windows within the giant straw bale, posing with all sorts of countryside props including a shepherds crook, walking map and binoculars.  As confidence grew and the surroundings became familiar, these included two tiny lambs, three chickens and Adam’s sheepdog, Peg.

It was all a bit like playing with a giant sliding block puzzle with the presenters swapping windows and props, changing clothes and boots to provide a variety of shots to help publicise the launch of BBC Countryfile Live – an exciting new summer event to celebrate all aspects of the countryside which takes place at Blenheim Palace in August.

Even the local wildlife tried to get in on the act with pheasants wondering into shot and ducks flapping and quacking as they flew overhead.

In spite of a fantastic performance by all the presenters, the star of the show was inevitably Peg.  She was a dream – it was if she was trained for TV as she leapt enthusiastically into each new position and looked directly into the camera lens the instance her name was called.

It was a great way to launch BBC Countryfile Live.

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