Behind the scenes: Six Wives with Lucy Worsley

Following on from its starring role in the 2015 adaptation of Wolf Hall, Barrington Court in Somerset is once again taking us back in time as it plays host to a new TV series about the Tudors.

In a ground-breaking new historical documentary, historian Dr. Lucy Worsley acts as our guide to the Tudor Court, where we can witness some of the most dramatic moments in the lives of Henry VIII’s six wives.

Closely-knit and often related to each other, the Tudor court was made up of a small group of powerful families all vying for influence and power over each other. In a world run by men, each Queen found their own unique methods of exerting influence. During this three-part series Lucy will uncover the details of these women’s stories, as well as offering a very new lens on Henry VIII himself.

Lucy's new series is part drama, part documentary
Lucy Worsley on the set of Six Wives
Lucy's new series is part drama, part documentary

Combining drama with Lucy’s historical commentary, the story moves seamlessly from the present to the past. Lucy herself appears throughout the drama as a range of silent servants: a maid, a gardener, a nursemaid.

A large proportion of the series was filmed at Barrington Court in Somerset, with the house and gardens both called in to use. Several of the rooms doubled as interiors of Whitehall, Greenwich and Hampton Court Palaces, while the gardens provided the setting for several pivotal scenes including an argument between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn.

" It’s wonderful to see these places so well preserved, because we do really need them for filming historical dramas"
- Kathryn Ellinger, Assistant Producer

The location fees brought in by this production are a real help for Barrington Court, as we put all of the money raised back into conservation work. ‘We’ve got some really key projects on this year’ said Keri Phillips, General Manager at Barrington Court. ‘We have a very fragile Walled Garden and the paths desperately need some restoration, so the income raised from this series is a big benefit.’

The first episode of ‘Six Wives with Lucy Worsley’ will be broadcast on Wednesday 7 December at 9.00pm on BBC One.

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