DIY Christmas wrapping

Christmas wrapping

Blogger Jo Middleton shares her favourite way to wrap Christmas presents.

First up, credit where credit is due - I had never even thought of having a Christmas wrapping theme until I met my lovely friend Kathie. Kathie opened my eyes to the wonder that is a wrapping theme, and I can honestly say it makes what could be a chore into something rather magical. This theme is inspired by her - I hope you love it as much as I do.

So what do you need to create an old fashioned Christmas post theme for your presents? Well, the beauty of this theme is that you actually need to spend very little, which is a good thing as this time of the year, I’m sure you’ll agree.

You will need

Wrapping paper supplies
  • Brown parcel paper - make sure you buy this from the envelope/packing section rather than just picking brown paper from the Christmas wrapping section - you’ll get a lot more for your money.
  • Coloured parcel string
  • Christmassy pens - I went for metallic colours but calligraphy pens work well too
  • Old Christmas stamps - I went to my local stamp shop and got a mixed bag of hundreds of stamps from around the world for less than £5. I then just picked out the Christmas ones, but you could use any.
  • Scissors, sellotape and glue


How to do it

The first step is simply to wrap your present up in brown paper. Easy peasy. Then choose a pen, and write the address in one corner. Use the real name of the person you’ll be giving it to, but make up a nice festive address. Keep a little bit over in one corner of the parcel, so that you can add the string without going over the address. (You might want to do the string first, just to be sure.)

Christmas wrapping tutorial

Next, add your string if you haven’t already. Start at the front, cross over at the back, and come back round to tie a bow.

Then have a look through your stamps to choose your favourites. Two or three in a group work well.

Wrapping paper tutorial - stamps

Stick your stamps onto the top right corner of your parcel, and add your own watermark for extra authenticity. If you have any Christmas ink stamps, you could use those here.

Christmas wrapping tutorial - finished

And there you have it, your Christmas parcel is complete! As promised, it’s a very cheap and easy theme to make, but very effective. Nobody is going to be disappointed when you hand out your presents this year - not while they are still wrapped up at least!

Do you do anything special with your wrapping? If you have a theme, let us know on Twitter and Facebook.

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