Eating at Coughton Court

Cake at Coughton Court, Warwickshire

Tuck in to seasonal food in The Coughton Kitchen café. If you are after something lighter you can try the Stables mini café and ice cream bar with delicious ice creams across the courtyard.

The Coughton Kitchen Café

The café is located in the old Tudor kitchens. Now a place for relaxing with family and friends, this area would once have been a bustling hive of activity with a dedicated team of servants preparing banquets for the Throckmorton family and their guests.

The main eating room housed the huge open fire which would have been used to roast meat, an extravagent option only available to wealthy families who could afford fresh meat, the fuel and a boy to turn the spit all day. The bread ovens can also still be seen in the Café servery.

" As well as serving traditional home cooked meals and cakes baked daily, at Coughton we have a mini Stables Café where we sell a grab and go offer with delicious Bennetts cooling ice cream local to the area."
- Andrew Finch, Food & Beverage Manager
Enjoy a hot drink at Coughton
Girl drinking tea
Enjoy a hot drink at Coughton

Choices can be difficult

A selection of the dishes we will be serving this season:

-Variety of scones
-Lemon drizzle cake
-Courgette, lemon and blueberry cake
-Bacon and Cheddar wedges
-Pea and Mint soup 
-MaMa Geeta's chick pea curry
-Jacket potatoes
-Assortment of panini's and hot sandwiches
-Assortment of cold sandwiches
-Sausage rolls

What will you choose? We also cater for dairy free, low sugar and non gluten containing products.

This will stimulate your taste buds - Four cheese & tomato croque
Four cheese & tomato croque
This will stimulate your taste buds - Four cheese & tomato croque

If you fancy picking up a snack and a quick cuppa try our Stables mini Café & Ice cream parlour.

The stables mini café and ice cream parlour is situated across the courtyard from the restaurant, and shares a space with the old family stables. Our range of ice cream comes from Bennetts Farm in Worcester, a family run business who create excellent quality ice cream. As well as serving firm favourites, we also sell a range of frozen sorbets (the lemon is particularly tasty), and more unusual flavours such as banana fudge ice cream and champagne sorbet.

Feeling thirsty?
Drinks at Coughton Court
Feeling thirsty?