Go wild outdoors

It's time to go on an outdoor adventure and take on the challenge of 50 things to do before you’re 11¾. We've plenty of ways to inspire your kids to leave their game consoles behind and discover how to build a den out of twigs, run around in the rain, scrape their knees exploring a cave or plunge their hands into a gloopy rock pool.

Hit the dirt

Put the family’s washing machine to the test. Here are our favourite ways to get really, really dirty outdoors.

Build a cosy den: Make your own little hide-away. Gather some branches and twigs from the woods and let your imagination go wild.

Run around in the rain: Never mind if it’s raining outside, put some wellies on and go puddle-jumping!

Hunt for bugs: Crawl through the mud and track down a beetle, or hold a wriggling worm in your hand.

Climb a tree: With so many trees around, how do you know which one to climb? Find one with strong branches you can reach from the ground.

Discover what’s in a pond or river: Take your net and go dipping in the river. Remember to return any mini beasts that you find back to the water.

Go outdoors, keep track online

After a day exploring the great outdoors, kids can keep track of their adventures on our 50 things app and website. They can unlock games, earn badges and collect secret rewards. And, of course, find out even more ways to go outside and get stuck into nature.

Pick up a 50 things to do scrapbook when you visit our special places—and tick off as many wild activities as you can.

We want kids to have fun, but we also want them to play safe, so we recommend all these activities are supervised by an adult.