How to make a natural Christmas wreath

Bring nature into your home this Christmas with a homemade wreath of festive greenery. It’s the ideal project to immerse yourself in for a bit of quiet time among all the hustle and bustle, or you can get the whole family involved for a bit of festive quality time together.

Greenery wreath on the front door of Mompesson House, Salisbury

What you will need...

• Wreath base – you can buy these pre-made from wire or rattan, weave one out of willow or vines, or use any other recyclable materials you have at home to make a sturdy hoop
• Secateurs
• Wire cutters or heavy-duty scissors
• Florist wire
• Moss – sustainably harvested. Ask your local florist or search online for sustainable floristry supplies
• Lots of greenery – try conifers, ivy, eucalyptus, bay, rosemary
• Decorations – pine cones, cinnamon sticks, dried orange slices, berry sprigs, seed heads etc.


Step 1

Decide which part of your wreath base is going to be the top, and thread a loop of florist wire through so you can hang it on your door.

Step 2

Add handfuls of moss to your wreath base, and secure it in place with florists wire. The moss will help to keep the greenery fresh, and provides a base to attach all of your natural decoration to.

Step 3

Take three or four different types of greenery and create a small ‘fan’ shape – like a mini bouquet. Using the same technique as before, attach the mini bunch of greenery to the wreath base by wrapping the florist wire around it a few times – don’t cut the wire!

Step 4

Create another mini bouquet and repeat the process in step 3. You can create the same style of bunch each time for a more uniform look, or mix it up with different types of greenery. Make sure you overlap each bunch to cover the wreath base.

Step 5

Time to add the decorations. Attach larger items like pine cones or cinnamon sticks by wrapping florist wire around them and securing to the wreath base as before. If using more delicate hedgerow greenery like rose hips or Old Man’s Beard (wild clematis), you can just poke it into the base.

Step 6

Add a ribbon as a finishing touch, and your wreath is ready to display.

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