Lyme Park's starring role in series two of The Village

The Palladian courtyard at Lyme Park, Cheshire

'The Village' is the BBC’s hugely ambitious plan to tell the story of the 20th century through the life of one Peak District village.

Part of series two of The Village was filmed at Lyme Park where staff and volunteers worked alongside the film crew forseveral weeks. Creator and co-writer Peter Moffat said: “The shock of the new ‘era’ post war turns the lives of the villagers inside out. Outsiders bring in music, dancing and new ways of thinking about love, sex and politics. Figures such as Marie Stopes and Einstein are making their mark, as are the wireless, electricity, the hoover, packets of crisps and the Charleston - they are all part of a social revolution set to play out across this second series”.

Amy Carney, Lyme’s House and Collections Manager, together with her team were responsible for ensuring that all went smoothly:

“It was amazing to see all the different scenes coming together’ she says. “We won’t give anything away but we’re all very much looking forward to seeing the new series. The cast were very complimentary about Lyme Park - it is a wonderful venue, and was where of course the 1995 TV production of ‘Pride and Prejudice’ starring Colin Firth and Jennifer Ehrle was filmed - with the famous scene where Mr Darcy emerges from the lake. We’re in a different time zone with series two of ‘The Village’, but Lyme is as stunning as ever”.