My National Trust: The easy way to manage your membership

Man using My National Trust on a tablet

We’ve developed My National Trust as a new online self-service tool, so that you can manage your membership whenever and wherever you want.

Register for My National Trust today

You can get started with My National Trust right now – all you need is an email address and your member number (it’s on your membership card).

Once you’re set up you can manage your membership, including personal details and your Direct Debit.

This is only available to members over 13 years old.

Why we’ve set it up

We appreciate that it can be hard to find the time to contact us during a busy day. That’s why we’ve set up this as an ‘out of hours’ service, offering 24/7 access to your account details.

Why it’s important

As a charity, it’s important that we spend our money wisely, ensuring as much as possible goes back into the natural landscapes and heritage we work so hard to protect and maintain.

By managing your membership online, you’re helping to reduce our administration costs, which will allow us to invest more money into our work protecting the special places you love. Plus, of course, you’re helping us reduce our usage of paper and other materials. 

Need help?

My National Trust is really easy to use, but if you find you need help or advice at any stage, you can chat with an online advisor by selecting the ‘Need help?’ icon. Over time, we’ll be improving what you can do using the My National Trust tool, so that it becomes even more helpful.