New series on BBC 2: Coastal Path

In this new BBC series, explorer Paul Rose tells the story of the South West Coast Path.

At 630 miles, it's England's longest National Trail and one of the world's best loved walks. A third of the South West Coast Path is owned and cared for by the National Trust. Much of the beloved land features in the new BBC TV series, which starts on Friday 18 November 2016.

Paul will be learning about the path's history, industry, wildlife and traditions as well as meeting the people who live and work along the way, including many of the people that work at the National Trust. Paul spent time at the Lizard, wildlife watching and at the Hawker's Hut with Ranger Jeff.

Hawker's Hut, Morwenstow

Clip from Coastal Path: The Hawker's Hut 

One of the most unusual buildings along the South West Coast Path is Hawker’s Hut. It's also the smallest National Trust property. It was built from timbers retrieved from shipwrecks by the eccentric clergyman, Reverend Robert Hawker in the 1800s.

He'll also be trying out at least one adrenaline-fuelled activity every episode, from hang gliding to coasteering. This is where land and sea collide - it really is the walk of a lifetime.

" New BBC series #bbccoastalpath starts November 2016. Are you watching too? "
- National Trust