Our places in Dracula Untold (2014)

Luke Evans in Dracula Untold

A host of iconic places we look after gained starring roles in Dracula Untold, one of the biggest films of 2014.

Dracula Untold was filmed at locations throughout Northern Ireland including the Giant’s Causeway, Mount Stewart and Divis and the Black Mountain.

Landscapes transformed into Transylvania

The world famous Giant’s Causeway stones double as a fictional mountain in Transylvania – with a little CGI help – while the wide open spaces of Divis and the Black Mountain are depicted in battle scenes in the film.

The Italian Garden at Mount Stewart meanwhile played home to the grounds of Dracula’s castle. ‘It was really exciting to host the cast and crew of Dracula Untold at Mount Stewart’ said manager Jon Kerr.

Star role helps conservation work

‘To be associated with such a huge Hollywood blockbuster gives us a great opportunity to showcase our wonderful places on a world stage,’ added Jon. ‘It’s great not just for the places we look after, but for Northern Ireland as a whole.’

‘As well as the huge profile that filming brings, every film shot in our places generates income which helps to look after the place in which it was filmed,’ explained Jon. ‘So there are also huge conservation benefits.’

Scenery is ‘somefang’ special

It was the variety and evocative nature of the scenery in Northern Ireland which made it perfect for filming the movie. ‘Divis and the Black Mountain are wonderfully atmospheric and grey - stunningly desolate and perfect for the Transylvania plains’ said the film’s Location Manager Catherine Geary.

You’re invited to step into Transylvania too. ‘We can’t wait to see our places feature on the big screen and we encourage visitors and film buffs to come and explore these special locations for themselves this autumn’ encouraged Jon.

The retelling of a legend

The film is based on the original Bram Stoker novel and like the book explores the origin of Dracula. It weaves vampire mythology with the true history of Vlad the Impaler, depicting Dracula as a flawed hero in a tragic love story set in a dark age of magic and war.

Luke Evans stars as Dracula in the Gary Shore directed epic action-adventure. Dracula Untold also co-stars Dominic Cooper, Sarah Gadon and Charles Dance.