Our position on shooting

 photograph of Sir Vauncey Harpur Crewe, c.1924, on heathland with gun over left shoulder

Peter Nixon, Director of Conservation, said: 'Our core concern is looking after special places so that they can be enjoyed by everyone for ever.

'We appreciate the importance of rural traditions as part of the spirit of many of the places we look after. We allow field sports to take place on our property where traditionally practised, provided they are within the law and compatible with our principal purposes of conservation and access.

'We allow well managed shooting activity provided it fits at a local level with conservation and access. Where we allow shooting we require it to be carried out in an appropriate way in accordance with local circumstances and a national code of good practice.'

November 2015

A badger on the cliff edge of the Pentire Farm estate on the Rumps Peninsula, North Cornwall

Our view on badgers and bovine TB 

The culling of badgers is not taking place on National Trust land. As a major landowner with many farming tenants, we understand how devastating an outbreak of bovine TB can be.

Parc Farm, Great Orme, North Wales

Our position on trail hunting 

We recognise that trail hunting is an issue that polarises people's opinions and provokes strong reactions.

Woodpecker chick looking from a hole in a tree


As the UK's biggest land owner, we look after a lot of nature and wildlife. We strive to maintain our land as an environment that supports a rich diversity of life.