Overall Food winner: Standleys Barn Farm

Farmer Daniel Hallifield holding one of his traditional breed piglets

Winners of the Overall Food Award for their traditional breed pork loin, the Hallifield family manages Standleys Barn Farm, 600 acres of mixed farming in the heart of the Calke Abbey estate.

Traditional breeds of British Lop and Berkshire pigs enjoy a diet based on home-grown clover silage. This encourages a relaxed behaviour and provides good nutrition, well-suited to rearing small groups of pigs in open-fronted barns.

Daniel Hallifield with a piglet
Farmer Daniel holding a piglet
Daniel Hallifield with a piglet

Daniel Hallifield has developed this welfare system over the last two years and his exceptional care in animal husbandry is matched by his skill as a butcher, resulting in a traditional-breed pork loin that tastes superb. It was described by Claire Thomson, National Trust Food Ambassador and one of this year’s judges as “the best bit of pork ever tasted; sweet and creamy and juicy with an amazing texture.”

Standleys Barn produce is available by contacting them directly:

Daniel Hallifield
Standleys Barn Farm
01332 862762