Past series of Secrets of the National Trust on Channel 5

Alan Titchmarsh cooking in the kitchen at Attingham

For the past two years we’ve opened our doors to Channel 5 for three series of Secrets of the National Trust with Alan Titchmarsh. The show explored the estates, historic houses and miles of breathtaking countryside and coastline that we look after.

Across three series of 60-minute episodes, host Alan Titchmarsh found out about our conservation work and, with the help of some of our specialists, discovered the stories hidden behind the buildings and gardens we look after.

During each episode Alan explored a new location where he took an in-depth look at the history of the property and met the people who look after it. Along the way he was joined by some familiar faces, who uncovered tales of high society, life below stairs and the trials, triumphs and scandals of our great estates.

Three series have now aired, and we'll be returning to your screens for series four in spring 2019. In the meantime, why not relieve the stories that have been uncovered so far?

Series one

Series two

" The enormity and quality of these houses is astonishing. I think in that respect there is something other-worldly about these places."
- Alan on the series locations

Series three

Aerial view of Dunham Massey

Episode 4 - Dunham Massey, Cheshire 

Alan uncovers the scandal that rocked local Victorian society, when the seventh Earl of Stamford, George Harry Grey, rebelled against expectations and married a beautiful circus performer. The reaction forced them to flee and leave the estate to decline, until it found a new purpose as a military hospital during the First World War. Louis Emerick and Angellica Bell meet Dunham’s resident bees and historic deer herd while Nigel Havers travels to Smallhythe in Kent to learn about a revered Victorian performer: actress Dame Ellen Terry.