Prospective tenants

Arlington Row, Bibury, Gloucestershire

Of the 25,000 buildings that we own, around 5,000 are houses and cottages. Many were acquired as part of larger estates and often include estate villages which had historically provided homes for estate workers and also a ‘dowry’ to help fund the running costs of the estate.

We aim above all to be a professional and fair landlord, providing warm, comfortable homes at a fair market rent for people in more than 40 villages. The income from the homes we rent plays a vital part in funding not only the repair and maintenance of these often quirky and sensitive rented properties, but also our duty to look after special places and to provide wonderful experiences for tens of millions of people each year.

Overall objectives for housing:

  • To safeguard the physical contribution our houses and cottages make to the historic built environment
  • To generate rental income to support our purposes
  • To further our work in the locality through selection of tenants with suitable skills
  • To help meet identified social housing needs where we are a significant housing provider
  • Where possible, to favour those making a contribution to the community