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Frequently asked questions for tenants

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Ask us about your tenancy | © National Trust Images/John Malley

Here’s where you’ll find some helpful answers to common tenancy-related questions, including pets, repairs and Tenant Passes. There’s also details of how to find a National Trust property to rent.

Check the Residential Tenant’s Handbook

Our Residential Tenant’s Handbook is a useful source of information about your shorthold residential tenancy. If you cannot find the answer below or within our Tenant’s Handbook, please get in touch with your usual Estate Management contact.

General questions

1. I’d like to rent a National Trust property. Where can I find out what property is available?

If you’re looking for residential National Trust rental properties that are currently available in England and Wales, please visit the National Trust pages on

For local contact details (to arrange viewings and for any property-specific enquiries) download the brochure for each property directly from Rightmove.

If you’re looking for National Trust farms to let, these will be advertised at:

2. I’d like to keep a pet at the National Trust property I rent. Who should I ask?

Please contact your usual Estate Management contact. If you are unsure who this is, you can email our central team at  

3. I have a question about my tenancy which isn’t answered here. Who should I ask?

If your question is about building repairs or maintenance, please see question 6.

If you have a query about your rent payments, please see question 7, or contact our Credit Control team on 0344 809 9910. If you’re unable to get through on the phone, please email

If your question is about something else, please contact your usual Estate Management contact. You can also send an email to

4. I’m unhappy with the service I have received. How do I make a complaint?

We always strive to give our tenants an excellent service, but sometimes things go wrong. When this happens, we want to put mistakes right as quickly as possible. You can find a copy of our complaints process on this page: Tenant complaints procedure.

5. How do I get my annual Tenant Pass?

Tenants can benefit from free access to our places with a tenant pass. It is available to most of our residential, commercial and agricultural tenants.

Each year, you’ll receive a copy of the National Trust Handbook, a parking permit and three editions of National Trust Magazine. You’ll also receive a card which allows you, your children (under 18) and one other adult free entry to most National Trust places in England, Wales and Northern Ireland during normal opening times. The card, together with your parking permit, gives you free parking at most National Trust places, so always bring them with you when you visit.

How does it differ to membership?

Under our Tenant Pass (Custodian Member) scheme, you’ll receive one ‘Tenant Pass’ and ‘Supporter Parking Permit’ per lease. This is issued to all of our qualifying tenants in February each year and it entitles two adults plus accompanying children to enjoy unlimited entry to hundreds of National Trust properties. (Check NT website for any advance booking requirements.)

Tenants will not be given access to the National Trust AGM or be able to vote. If tenants would like these additional benefits they can purchase Trust membership.

If you become an eligible tenant after the packs are distributed at the start of each year, you’ll be given a welcome pack so you can still take advantage of the benefits for the remainder of the calendar year after your tenancy starts.

After this, you’ll be sent the tenant pass and pack at the start of each year for as long as you’re an eligible tenant of the National Trust.

If you have any difficulties or problems with your Tenant Pass, please contact your local Let Estate team, or email  


6. What happens if repairs need to be done on my tenanted property?

In spring 2021 we launched a new repairs and maintenance response line for the majority of our tenanted properties (residential, commercial and agricultural). There are now three ways for you to report repair requirements:

  1. Telephone: 0345 646 1311

  1. Online portal:

  1. Email:

These services are available for reporting repairs 24 hours a day. However, outside the hours of 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday the telephone line is for urgent matters only (e.g., loss of power, heating, water etc).

This telephone service is operated by a dedicated team of trained staff who have direct contact with our contractors. If there is an emergency at your property, they will instruct a suitable contractor who will try to call you direct, in advance of visiting you. You should use this telephone service for urgent matters during the day so that we can prioritise your case and if needed, arrange for a contractor to visit.

If you’re a Welsh speaker, our bilingual service is also available on the same number between the hours of 7am and 8pm.

If you occupy a property that’s closely associated with a National Trust mansion or visitor business, you may have a different process for reporting defects. You will have been notified if this is the case.


7. What happens about difficulties in paying rent?

If you’d like to talk about your rent payments please contact our credit control team on the number shown on your invoice (0344 809 9910). If you’re unable to get through on the telephone please email  

This inbox is monitored from 8.30am to 5pm Monday to Friday and all emails are reviewed and answered as soon as possible.

Highland cattle at Eggardon Hill, Dorset

Residential and farm lettings

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