St Michael’s Mount, Cornwall

A view across the beach to St Michael's Mount, with a medieval castle atop the island which is connected to the mainland by a causeway, Cornwall

This iconic rocky island, crowned by a medieval church and castle, is home to the St Aubyn family and a small community of islanders.

There’s an amphibious boat to take you to the island, and after a climb up the cobbled pathway, you’ll reach the castle at the peak of the island. Take a guided tour with one of our experts to learn about the castle’s long history and the legends woven through its past. Kids will be kept happy with fun quizzes and tall tales of the giant that once roamed the island.
Then there’s time to take in the view from the castle, including the subtropical terraced garden and St Mount’s Bay. If the weather is good, you can also enjoy a short boat trip around the island or at low tide venture across the ancient tide causeway from Marazion.