Stubbins Estate and Holcombe Moor

Peel Tower at Holcombe Moor

Less than 30 minutes drive from Gawthorpe Hall lies the Stubbins Estate and Holcombe Moor. There are acres of wooded hillside, farmland and Pennine moorland ready to explore, with views reaching as far as Wales on a clear day. The area can be easily accessed by public footpaths either side of the B6214 (Helmshore Road) which is half a mile west of Ramsbottom.

Stunning views

Throughout the Stubbins Estate there are glorious views of the surrounding countryside, towns and moorland. One of our favourite places to stop is at the Millennium Bench on Holcombe Hill where you can admire the best view of the valley.

The Peel Tower

Look out for the distinctive Peel Tower on Holcombe Hill. It was built in 1852 and commemorates Sir Robert Peel, Prime Minister of Britain (1841 -1846) and founder of the modern police force.

The Tentering Tower

This listed building has stood here since 1866. Imagine what it once looked like with cloth manufactured from a nearby mill stretched around it on wooden frames hanging out to dry.

A view of Holcombe Moor

Restoring Holcombe Moor 

Holcombe Moor and the Peel Tower are part of the West Pennine Moors, much-loved by walkers from nearby Bury and Greater Manchester. Find out why we're working to restore its precious peat and how this will benefit wildlife, local communities and the environment.