The walled garden at Hughenden

Hughenden's walled garden is a great place to discover how our food gets from plot to plate.

In times past a walled garden was vital to support the running of a country estate, today our walled garden still provides cut flowers for the Manor.

During the spring and summer make sure to say hello to our walled garden guides. They're on hand to provide useful tips on planting and growing your own produce.

Plants grown at Hughenden are available for purchase as are wooden gifts made by the country produce volunteers all from materials found on the estate.

Fun in the walled garden

For family fun and excitement delve into the walled garden willow maze or pick up a watering can and wheel barrow to give our gardeners a hand.

The walled garden has been developed as a space for experimentation and discovery, for visitors, horticultural students and National Trust staff and volunteers alike. Old and new methods are tried for growing traditional crops and visitors, along with staff and volunteers,

Walled Garden coloured wheel barrows

Mellow fruitfulness

In autumn trees in the walled garden and orchard  quake under the weight of fruit. Often the heaviest branches have to be supported with wooden stakes so they don't break under the load. The shelter from the walls and the south facing aspect inside the garden allow less hardy fruit to thrive such as apricot and fig.

Come along to Hughenden's Aurtumn festival, Monday 9 until Friday 20 October, to learn more about the produce found across the estate.

Enjoy the colours this autumn
The drive at Hughenden with the entrance to the walled garden in autumn
Enjoy the colours this autumn