Why we champion sustainable food

Wheat and grains of flour on a hessian sack

A sustainable food system should support people, animals, the environment and local economies.

We can support a better food system by:

  • Eating food in season
  • Supporting environmentally friendly farming
  • Meat and dairy: eating quality not quantity
  • Seeking out sustainable fish
  • Choosing Fairtrade or Rainforest Alliance when buying globally sourced commodities
  • Choosing no packaging or a small amount of packaging
  • Eating healthy food that promotes wellbeing
  • Wasting less food

These principles have been developed in partnership with Sustain: the Alliance for better food and farming.

You can learn more about our vision for sustainable food and farming in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by reading the publications below.

Browse our food reports and policies (PDFs)

Shelves filled with veg for sale at The Weir

Farm shops 

Run independently, our farm shops are often close to our houses, gardens and parks and can provide a tasty treat to take home from your day out.