Flatford hamlet

Bridge Cottage Flatford

Flatford hamlet, Suffolk, has many interesting tales to tell, help the National Trust ensure it's future by discovering its past.

Bridge Cottage

Bridge Cottage is the welcoming heart of the hamlet. Currently housing our John Constable exhibition we know that two mill worker's families would have lived here.
Got any questions? Staff and volunteers are always on hand here to offer information about your visit to Flatford.

Flatford Mill

The Mill was once owned by the prosperous Constable family and today the Field Studies Council operate a programme of various arts and environmental  courses.

Valley Farm

This 15th-century, medieval hall house is the oldest building in Flatford. Extensively renovated to its original glory, Valley Farm is now open to the public at various times of the year.

Willy Lott's House

Depicted in John Constable's world-famous painting, 'The Hay Wain', Willy Lott's House is arguably the most iconic of all the buildings down at Flatford.