Fours Seasons by Kit Leese

Dedham Vale Hot Summer Acrylic - Kit Leese

The paintings in this exhibition are largely based on the Stour Estuary and river which is so close to the artist's home in Bradfield.

Kit Leese is a self-taught painter who began his career as an artist in 1979, straight after graduating with a science degree.  He is principally a landscape painter, preferring to work on the spot where possible, giving his paintings a direct and atmospheric feel.  He likes to use gouache and watercolour, both very direct media, ideal for outdoor work which also allow him to draw with the brush.  He had had several successful one-man exhibitions and his paintings are in numerous private collections.

The paintings are a mixture of on the spot or studio works in a variety of media, including oils, acrylic, watercolour and gouache.  Kit demonstrates landscape painting to art groups across the South East, so some paintings began their life in front of an audience.  He recently returned to etching and he has included works made and printed in a fully equipped workshop at his home.

He has tried to reflect a specific sense of weather and season in all his works, hence the title, The Four Seasons.