In Constable's Footsteps by Louise Balaam

Across the Stour near Dedham by Louise Balaam

‘In Constable’s Footsteps’, is an exhibition of new work by artist Louise Balaam NEAC, RWA, at the National Trust’s Boat House Gallery, Flatford, Suffolk CO7 6UL.

Louise Balaam is showing a body of work inspired by John Constable’s paintings in Flatford and Dedham. The exhibition reflects the artist’s response to the beautiful water meadows and views of the river Stour near Constable’s home at East Bergholt

The exhibition consists of around twelve paintings in oil on canvas and panel, reflecting the artist’s response to the beautiful water meadows and views of the River Stour near Constable’s home at East Bergholt. In common with several other contemporary artists Louise Balaam has always admired the freshness and truth to nature of Constable’s work, his oil sketches in particular, and she welcomed the opportunity to reassess the significance of Constable’s work for her own practice.

Louise Balaam’s work is concerned, like Constable’s, with a fresh and immediate emotional response to landscape, in particular to the quality of light. She is hugely influenced by Constable’s sensitivity to the mood of the landscape and by the way his paintings and drawings express the particular qualities of the places which meant so much to him. She prefers to paint in the studio, after a crucial gathering of visual and other information on the spot, using watercolour, pencil, oil pastels and a range of drawing media. Her paint handling is intuitive and gestural, and she values the sensual and resonant qualities of oil paint.

Louise Balaam is a member of the New English Art Club and the Royal West of England Academy. Her work has been shown in the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition, the Threadneedle Prize, the Lynn Painter-Stainers Exhibition, and the Discerning Eye, among many others. She shows with Cadogan Contemporary in South Kensington, London SW7, and in several other galleries around the UK. Her work is held in many private collections.