Keeping Bees at Flatford

Flatford Bee Keeping

So what do you do when you spot an old beehive abandoned and in a state of disrepair? We follow a volunteer, Douglas Faircloth, and his ongoing project to renovate and restore a colony of bees to Flatford.

Douglas Faircloth

Douglas has been volunteering in the Valley Farm Kitchen Garden at Flatford for 2½ years.

One day he noticed an empty and derelict beehive in the garden and put measures in place to bring it alive.

Douglas has some experience in this field as he has been keeping bees for 11 years and currently has 7 beehives producing honey at nearby Kirby-le-Soken. The honey is sold at a local garden centre and post office near to where he lives.

Douglas renovated and painted the existing beehive at Flatford and has already increased his capacity by ordering a traditional English hive that will be delivered flatpacked and will have to be assembled.

There is also a swarm of bees on order that will be delivered by post to Frinton Post Office. Apparently they will call him when it arrives and he will calmly collect the package and bring it to Flatford where the bees will be introduced to their new home.

Q. Why do we need bees?

A. They are the biggest pollinators and we need them because our food source depends on them to pollinate many of the plants we use for food.