Tina - a volunteer tour guide

Flatford volunteer guide tina

Did you know that Flatford has an incredible team of 82 volunteers? These wonderful folk generously give us their time to fill a variety of roles such as Tour Guide, Gardener, Web volunteer, History Researcher, Event organiser, Meet & Greet and even a Tea Room Tony!

We thought we'd get to know a few of these lovely folk, so say hello to Tina one of our lovely Tour Guides. This is what she had to say about volunteering...

"I love volunteering At Flatford, and this will be my fourth year as a Tour Guide. I also have two 'day' jobs and often work 7 days a week, so coming here is like a lovely day off for me! You can't help but feel happy here! Paul Andrae, the volunteer programme manager, asked me if I would like to come to Flatford and I'm so glad I did! My family had all grown and moved on and I found myself alone and at a bit of a loss.

I honestly think Flatford saved my life! I had to learn all about John Constable and Flatford when I began, but I enjoyed every minute. I get back as much as I give. Being a Tour Guide is a wonderful way to share my knowledge and enthusiasm and the interaction with the public is great! I often get lovely feed back. I am still learning and look forward to every time I come!'

Thanks Tina for sharing your story and your time!

Bonnie-Louse Forbes - Visitor Services.