A wander through the Flatford paintings

Take a self-guided trail or join one of our Constable tours and discover the Hay Wain view as well as the locations of other major paintings by John Constable.

A volunteer show's a visitor the Hay Wain painting

Bringing Constable's landscapes to life

Experience the views that inspired Constable's paintings and discover the history behind them on one of our guided tours. Tours run Monday - Friday at 11.30am. The tour covers around 300 metres, lasts an hour and is £3.50. Please note, these tours are volunteer dependent, please call ahead or speak to Visitor Reception to confirm daily availability. Our Hay Wain stewards will also be at the Hay Wain view on weekday afternoons, Saturdays and Sundays to talk you through the history of Constable's most famous landscape.

Constable's Boys Fishing painting

Discover the views that inspired Constable's paintings

Discover the views that inspired Constable as you wander through his paintings. We've put together a list of his most well known paintings and their What3Words locations for you to explore.

The Hay Wain - Copyright National Gallery

The Hay Wain

Many of Constable's most famous paintings are scenes in and around Flatford. What was happening in the Hay Wain?

Boat-building Near Flatford Mill 1814

Discover the paintings inspired by Flatford

Take a look and see why this area is known as Constable Country.