Constable-an artist's life

Flatford was at the heart of Constable's childhood and early years. He returned regularly painting scenes from the Stour valley throughout his life.

John Constable's childhood rattle

Constable's Childhood

Learn more about the formative childhood and education of the artist John Constable.

John Constable-Self Portrait

Working Life

Delve into the working life of John Constable and discover how he perfected and demonstrated his formidable artistic talent.

John Constable's wife Maria

Constable in Love

John Constable fell in love with Maria Bicknell, the daughter of Charles Bicknell, a successful London solicitor. After a seven year secret courtship, John and Maria eventually married in 1816, in St Martin-in-the-Fields Church in London. None of the Constable or Bicknell family attended. John Constable was aged 40 and Maria was 28.

The Older John Constable

Later Years

John Constable was travelling from Suffolk back to London in a horse-drawn coach when he first heard Dedham Vale described as 'Constable's Country'.