Meet John Constable's family

John Constable's devotion to his family can be seen through his regular return trips to Flatford after his move to London.

John Constable's father

Golding Constable

Golding Constable was a Suffolk businessman who profited from the agricultural and industrial boom underway during his lifetime.

Ann Constable -John's mother

Ann Constable

John's mother Ann Constable ran a large household and encouraged her son's artistic career

John's brother Abram

Golding and Abram

Along with his brother Abram, Golding led the mourners when John Constable died in 1837.

John's sisters Ann and Mary Constable

Ann, Martha and Mary

Ann (1768-1854) Martha (1769-1845) Mary (1781-1865)

John Constable's wife Maria

Maria Bicknell

Uncover the story of John Constables wife, Maria. Their meeting, love, children, struggles and how her sad death affected those she left behind.

Portrait of John's son Lionel 1854

John, Charles, Alfred & Lionel

John Charles, 1817-1841 (first born) Charles Golding (Charley) - 1821-1879 Alfred “Alfie” 1826-1853 Lionel Bicknell 1828-1887

John's daughter Maria Constable

John Constable's daughters

John Constable was father to three daughters, two of whom survived into adulthood.