The Echoes that Remain


... a search for historical information

 Visit us to find out how the cottage would have looked in 1881 when it was occupied by the Clarke family. See how the cottage would have been furnished at that time.

Although we have gained lots of information recently about Flatford and the locality from people connected with the area we would still like to talk to people whose families have historic links to Flatford’s agricultural or industrial history. 

We’d be interested to hear stories or see items which relate to people working on the land, working in the mill, working on the river, or which relate to the histories of Valley Farm, Willy Lott's House, the Mill or Bridge Cottage. 

The focus of our presentation of Bridge Cottage is in the 1880s, but any family stories which take us up to the National Trust's acquisition of Flatford in 1943 would be of interest. 

We would welcome every piece of information you have, even if you think it may be trivial. It may just fit in with other information that we have received and make up a bigger picture. 

Please forward any information to Simon Peachey on: