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The car parks at Victoria Rd and Lifeboat Rd are open but spaces are limited. We ask visitors to avoid Formby at this time and help us prevent traffic disruption. Hotspots can be dangerous and put pressure on emergency services.

Glorious beach with dramatic sand dunes, surrounded by sweeping coastal pinewoods.


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Clearing litter off Formby beach

Play your part in a litter-free Formby 

Litter is a growing problem here at Formby, we see all sorts of items left on our site from barbecues to gazebos - keeping the coastline clean is a constant battle. Take a look at how you can get involved to help us keep Formby litter free.

Future Formby

Get Involved - the Future of Formby Point 

Welcome to these pages, which aim to keep you updated with what’s happening about the future of Formby Point and how you can get involved.

Rangers in the woodland at Formby

Join the team 

Take a look at current opportunities, the benefits of getting involved and how to become a volunteer.





Formby asparagus spears

The history of asparagus at Formby 

Asparagus: the taste of Spring and Summer. Formby has a long history of producing this British food delicacy.

Prehistoric human footprint Formby

Search for prehistoric footprints 

Out in the mud and sand on Formby beach are the footprints of people and animals who lived here thousands of years ago. Search for them and connect with Formby's prehistoric past.

Shipwreck, Formby coast

Shipwrecks at Formby 

Find out more about shipwrecks at Formby.

Pages of the sea 12

Pages of the Sea Remembered 

Formby Beach was part of Pages of the Sea, Danny Boyle’s commission to mark the centenary of Armistice Day. On 11 November 2018, we gathered on the beach for an informal, nationwide gesture of remembrance for the men and women who left their home shores during the First World War. Honoring soldier Captain John Basil Armitage.