Frosty sand dunes during sunrise at Formby

Important notice -

Palm oil is still being washed up on the beach at Formby & along the Sefton Coast. This is highly toxic to dogs so please be vigilant if walking your dogs on the beach and if you suspect that they have eaten any palm oil then please seek vets advice.

Glorious beach with dramatic sand dunes, surrounded by sweeping coastal pinewoods.

Things to see and do at Formby

Upcoming events

Ranger Ramble

Wed 14 Mar 2018
Join one of our Ranger to find out about our site and what we do to look after it

Formby Footprints Walk

Mon 09 Apr 2018
Discover the fascinating story of Formby's prehistoric footprints and search for traces on the foreshore with one of our archaeology experts.

Squirrel Fun

Thu 25 Oct 2018
Fun with squirrels!


Peacock butterfly

Moths and butterflies at Formby 

As the temperatures warm up have a look for some of the moths and butterflies that can be found at Formby.

Sand Lizard basking on bare sand

Sand dune wildlife of Formby 

The sand dunes of Formby are home to animals even more rare than our Red Squirrels.

Red Squirrel sitting upright eating a nut on the woodland floor at Formby

Red Squirrels at Formby 

Can you spot one of our Red Squirrels on your visit to Formby?


Our work

beach formby

The trouble with the rubble - our work 

Ever wondered where the bricks and rubble come from on our beach? The rubble that appears on the beach at National Trust is from the old car park and caravan park that were located in this area before the National Trust started to care for this land.

Sunset at Formby beach

Celebrating 50 years of caring for the Formby coast 

2017 sees the National Trust celebrate 50 years of looking after the coast at Formby. We are now thinking about how we manage and care for this remarkable landscape for the future. Read on to find out what's happening right now.

High tide at Formby washing a beach marker out and breaking down a fence

Shifting Shores at Formby 

Formby is one of the fastest changing coastlines that National Trust care for. Discover how natural processes shape this landscape and how we work with coastal change through our Shifting Shores work.


Get involved

Future Formby

Get Involved - the Future of Formby Point 

Welcome to these pages, which aim to keep you updated with what’s happening about the future of Formby Point and how you can get involved.

Sunset at Formby beach

Future of Formby Public Consultation  

Between July and September 2017 the National Trust at Formby invited people to share their thoughts about caring for the coast. The key topics and comments have now been summarised in a report.

Rangers in the woodland at Formby

Join the team 

Take a look at current opportunities, the benefits of getting involved and how to become a volunteer.



Children studying the minibeasts they've collected in their bug pots

Education and group visits 

Interested in bringing your school or group to Formby? Follow this link to find out all the information you will need to plan and book a visit.



Formby asparagus spears

The history of asparagus at Formby 

Asparagus: the taste of Spring and Summer. Formby has a long history of producing this British food delicacy.

Shipwreck, Formby coast

Shipwrecks walk at Formby Point 

Guided walks help people find out more about the shipwrecks at Formby Point.