Access at Formby

Visitor exploring the woodland at Formby, Liverpool

Here at Formby we are always trying to improve accessibility, which is creative and sensitive to our surroundings, for visitors' needs.

Access Work at Formby

Due to the dynamic, ever changing nature of our coastline access is challenging. Below are some of the key points to consider:

Victoria Road

  • At Victoria Road we have mobility car park spaces, which can be found in woodland and beach car parking areas.
  • There are accessible paths on squirrel walk and around the asparagus trail.
  • Mobility toilet facilities are available at Victoria Road; accessible by RADAR key.
  • At Victoria Road the beach can only be accessed over the sand dunes via a steep, sandy path.
  • We have a sand wheelchair which you can loan for the day, click here to book and for more information.

Lifeboat Road

  • There are currently no toilet facilities at Lifeboat Road (August 2018).
  • There are mobility car park spaces where the boardwalk path begins in Lifeboat Road car park.
  • The boardwalk path is fully accessible with a hard standing path and a wooden boardwalk path that leads onto the beach.
  • We have volunteers who come in to clear the boardwalk of sand once a month and we have extended the boardwalk over the soft sand to make access to the beach easier.
  • We regret that we can not guarantee a completley sand free route every time, but we work hard to maintain the best access we can.