Children's University at Formby

Families enjoying an orienteering challenge in Formby pinewoods

Learning doesn’t stop at the end of the school day. The great outdoors is the best classroom you’ll ever have. Children’s University is a national scheme which encourages children to continue learning outside of school and Formby is now one of their Learning Destinations.

National Trust at Formby is registered as a Learning Destination for the Children's University. The idea is to get kids and families involved in various activities that will spark a love for learning whilst having fun in the process! National Trust already has a great programme of activities to encourage children to explore the great outdoors in our '50 things to do before you're 11¾'. This new partnership adds to this programme as now children who are signed up to the University can get credits for taking part in some of the 50 things activities.

Children’s University members will get stamps in their 'Passport to Learning' when they complete any of the following activities at Formby:

•    Make a Kite
•    Hunt for Bugs
•    Find your way with a map and compass
•    Asparagus Walk Trail
•    Formby Woodland Bingo

Some activities will incur a charge. Remember you will need to take photographs as evidence in order to get your passport stamp. 

You can get all the stuff you need for starting your activity at our information trailer, opening times can be found here. If the trailer is closed then you can get some of the resources from our entrance kiosk. Passport stamps are available at the entrance kiosk or trailer once you have completed your activity.