Dogs at Formby

Dog runs along the beach

Formby is one of the few places on the Sefton Coast without seasonal restrictions on dog access. With hundreds of acres of woodland and a sandy beach that stretches for miles, it is the perfect place to walk your dog whatever the time of year.


Although we do have some shaded areas in our car park, please don’t leave your dog unattended in a car as even on cloudy or cooler days a dog can overheat quickly.


Three self-filling water bowls are located by the toilets and in the parking areas. We have two woodland picnic areas where dogs are welcome to help you with your picnic.

Bag it and bin it

Dog bags are available on request from the entrance kiosk. There are plenty of litter bins on site, all of which can be used to dispose of your dog bags. Please use them.

Off the lead

The rangers know how beneficial it is to both you and your dog for them to be able to run free but we do expect them to be under control at all times when off the lead. If you forget your lead please ask at the Entrance Kiosk as we may have a spare to loan you.

Please don’t let your dog chase birds on the shore as many of them are protected migrant birds either at the end of or just beginning a long journey. For the welfare of the red squirrels and the enjoyment of all visitors we require that you keep your dog on a lead through the squirrel walk area.

Please also be aware that we have a small flock of sheep for conservation grazing at certain times of the year and ask you to keep your dogs under close control near these fields.

Horse riders are allowed to ride across the beach from Formby to Ainsdale and on some of the paths across the site. Please do not allow your dog to run up to or bark at horses as it may spook the horses causing the horse to rear up or kick. This may lead to injury to both your dog, the horse and/or the rider.