Formby Asparagus Trail

Formby asparagus spears

Award-winning asparagus has been grown in Formby’s sand dunes by local farmers since the 1800s. Around 200 acres were levelled by hand to create the fields and 10 acres of the site are still used to grow asparagus today.

The Formby Asparagus Project aims to increase awareness for the heritage of this delicious delicacy.

Word of mouth

Share your memories about Formby asparagus and why it's special to you. A favourite recipe, a poem, a past memory of the asparagus farms or why you think Formby asparagus is the best! Andrew Brockbank, our Countryside Manager, would love to hear from you. 

Asparagus walk

The asparagus trail paths are completed and provide a beautiful walk on the levelled asparagus landscape of approximately 1 ½miles, suitable for all abilities. Simon Archer, our wood carpenter, has produced giant asparagus spears and seating and benches, just perfect for your picnic. This is a beautiful walk including interpretations, activities and a children’s trail.

Find out more

Why not enjoy our Asparagus Trail and see the asparagus-based sculptures by Simon Archer.