Shaping Formby

Sand ripples on Formby beach

Natural processes are changing our coastline. These changes bring new challenges and opportunities to look at how we look after this special place both now and in the future. However these decisions are not something we want to make by ourselves so we want to hear from you too. We’ve set up a short survey that asks you to tell us what you love about Formby and how much you want to be involved in shaping the future of Formby. Show your love of Formby and get involved by completing the survey.

To complete the survey please click here.

Here at Formby we are exploring how we can best work with natural processes to achieve long-term, sustainable approaches to managing the coastal change taking place. Working with nature is really important to us. Only by understanding what is happening to the natural environment around our coast can we make well-informed choices about the future. 

We want to ensure that the Formby coast’s special qualities are protected, enhanced, understood and enjoyed by present and future generations. We understand that to do this well we need to work in close partnership with our neighbours, visitors and local community.

We are investigating new projects and ideas and we are interested in hearing about whether our visitors and the local community would be interested in being involved. 

Over the next 3 weeks, finishing the 2nd May, we are inviting people who love this place to complete a short online survey. You may see us out and about in the community and onsite. Please feel free to pop over and say “hi” or to find out more. 

We want to find out what people love most about National Trust Formby, whether they would like to have a voice in future developments and how this would work best for them. Please support our work by taking 5 minutes to complete the survey. 

If you would like to find out more please contact us by email or find us on twitter and facebook.