Things to see and do at Formby

A view across the Marram and Sea-lyme sand dunes at Formby

Formby is home to beaches, dunes, historic farmland, woodland and even some prehistoric footprints so you really can mix activity and exploration with learning and relaxation here!

Miles of beaches

The glorious sandy beaches of Formby are perfect for family picnics, coastal walks, dog walking, wave jumping, kite flying or just lazy days at the beach. Prehistoric footprints have been uncovered in silt beds exposed by the moving sand; check our events page for upcoming guided walks with a National Trust archaeologist.

Pine woodlands

The woodlands at Formby are home to a population of red squirrels, making it one of the few places in the UK where you can catch a glimpse of these shy creatures. Explore the woodland via one of our many walking trails.

Sand dunes

Covered with marram grass and home to a number of rare and protected species, the ever-shifting sand dunes are one of Formby's fantastic features.

Acres of historic farmland

Formby has a rich farming history, with asparagus being grown on the land for generations. We also have a small herd of sheep who visit us for 'working holidays'. Sheep are used as a simple, natural but effective way of preventing the wild grass from choking other precious plants.

Formby Asparagus Trail

Take the scenic Formby Asparagus Trail and see asparagus under cultivation now, as well as the traces that its cultivation in past times has left on the landscape.

Formby footprints

Erosion of the sand has revealed footprints that date back 7,000 years to the late Neolithic era. At Formby you can find out more about the people who walked in this area all that time ago. 

Don't miss

  • Investigate the beach for prehistoric footprints
  • Follow the Red Squirrel Walk and count how many you see!
  • Watch wading birds on the shoreline
  • Keep your eyes peeled for a dune tiger beetle
  • Tick off some of the '50 Things to do before you're 11 ¾'
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