Walks at Formby

Download one of these beautiful walks around the wonderful coastline at Formby.

A red squirrel eats a nut at the base of a tree at Formby

Formby red squirrel walk

‚ÄčExplore beautiful woodlands surrounding Formby in Merseyside, home to the rare native red squirrel.

Walking along Formby asparagus field
Walking trail

Asparagus walk 

Have a wander through our crop fields and discover how a spring vegetable helped shaped Formby as it is today.

Red deer footprint found in prehistoric silt beds at Formby
Walking trail

Undiscovered Formby walk 

Hidden secrets, past and present, are waiting to be found on this varied walk through a beautiful coastal landscape.

Sunlight beams through the trees at Formby

Formby woodland walk 

For a less challenging walk why not wind through broadleaf and pine woodlands at Formby before finishing at dramatic, ever-shifting sand dunes? Pack a blanket and flask for the best seats to watch the autumn sun go down...or going up if you're an early riser.