The trouble with the rubble - our work

beach formby
Published : 19 Sep 2017 Last update : 26 Sep 2017

Ever wondered where the bricks and rubble come from on our beach? The rubble that appears on the beach at Victoria Road in Formby is from the old car park and caravan park that were constructed in this area before the National Trust started to care for this land.

As the dunes moved inland  the old car park and caravan park became buried and over time the rubble and debris from these constructions has become exposed on the beach. The National Trust carry out removal of this rubble and in the last few years have spent upwards of £12,000 removing this historic debris from the site. However as the natural processes continue further rubble is becoming exposed.  Removing this rubble is a tricky process as you will see below.

In order to remove debris of this kind we need big machinery. This involves using a large excavator to dig and riddle out the debris and then large wagons to remove the rubble from the beach. In order to get the excavator to the beach we need to use access routes over the sand dunes.  There are only a few of these routes and as the sand dunes shift and change there may be long periods of time when the excavator can't get over the dunes.

The wagons to take the rubble away can't get over the sand dunes at all, especially when loaded. They need to drive down the beach from Ainsdale negotiating tides, soft patches of sands and changes in the beach level. 

Tides wait for no one.  We have to get all the machinery in the right place, do the work and allow enough time for the wagons and excavator to leave safely between the tides when they are high.

Finally, the beach gets very busy with large numbers of visitors during the summer months and school holidays. When the beach is crowded we don't try to remove the rubble but wait until the quieter times of the year.  In the meantime we fence off the rubble to ensure visitors' safety.

Want to know more about where the rubble came from in the first place?  The history of the rubble is here.