Formby asparagus walk trail

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Discover how this one crop helped to shape the Formby you see today. The walk is short and achievable for most people so get out and enjoy it!

Walking along Formby asparagus field


Map route for Formby asparagus walk


The main notice board opposite the toilets at National Trust Formby, grid ref: SD280082


Take the path to the right-hand side of the notice board and, after a very short distance, turn right at the first path junction. Continue on and where the path turns left on to a boardwalk, leave this path and take the path straight ahead.


Continue along this path, pass the family picnic site (which is on your left-hand side) and take the next path on your left, approximately 80 yards (75m). Cross a flat grassy area and turn left onto a wide path. Follow this path as it makes a sharp turn right and continue on.

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At a T-junction turn left and follow a stone path through a small area of woodland into an open field, where more remnants of asparagus cultivation can be seen. Continue straight on across the field and at the far side take the path which leads straight ahead (ignoring the paths to the left and right) up a slope into pine woodland. After a short distance pass by a bench seat, with a carving of a red squirrel, on your right.


At the brow of the hill, the path forks. Take the left fork and continue down, passing an enclosed pine plantation on your right followed by a small field where asparagus has been grown in the past and a few asparagus plants can still be seen growing. At the end of this track, pass through a field gate onto a road. Turn right along Blundell Avenue. After a short distance cross the road taking a clear path on the left, past wooden bollards, onto an open field.


Continue on following the right edge of the field. At the end of the open field, pass through a kissing gate into an enclosed field. Heather grows here with other plants typical of dune heath.

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Once through the gate take the path straight ahead. Follow this path as it curves to the left and meets a fence corner by some cottages. At the fence corner follow the clear path round to the right and head towards a kissing gate next to a field gate. Pass through the gate on to a farm track.

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Cross the track and pass through a kissing gate into a small field. Take the path straight ahead across the length of the field to a kissing gate in the far left corner. Pass through the gate and emerge onto Wicks Lane. Cross in front of the large gates and turn right, passing through some metal barriers onto a broad bridle-path.


Follow this enclosed path, passing a primary school and a housing estate on your left, until you pass two wooden bollards set into the path. After the bollards the path forks, take the permissive bridle path on the right with the blue-topped way-markers. Follow this path as it curves left and comes out of the woodland onto an open field with a fine view of sand dunes straight ahead in the distance.


At this point leave the bridlepath (which turns right into the pine woods) and take the middle path of three broad grass paths heading across the field towards the sand dunes. After passing a small fenced plantation of pines on your right you'll reach a wide stone path, this is the Sefton Coastal Path. Turn right along this stone path, immediately passing a fenced field on your left.

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Continue on the stone path as it enters broadleaf woodland. After a short distance you will come to a crossroads, go straight across and follow the path until it reaches a T-junction and turn left along a wide path. Continue along this path as it passes a fenced agricultural field on the right and curves right into pine woodland.

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Follow this wide path as it makes a sharp left-hand bend and continue along past open pine woodland on your left and an enclosed pine plantation on your right. At the end of the plantation the landscape on your right opens out to dune grassland. Continue along this path, ignoring all paths going off to your left and right, crossing a very sandy section where the sand dunes meet the path on your left.


Immediately after the sandy section the path forks. Take the right fork, passing a bench. After a short distance follow this path as it curves left into broadleaf woodland. Follow this clear compacted woodland path. After approximately ¼ mile (0.4km) the path forks, take the right/lower level fork to pass the picnic site that you passed at point 2. Continue straight on as the path narrows.


At a path junction on a fenced trail, instead of retracing your steps from the start of the walk, turn right and take the boardwalk path. Follow this boardwalk as it bends round to the left and up a slope. At the end of the boardwalk continue to the top of the slope where you will find a crossroads. Take the fenced path on your left and follow this as it bends round sharply to the left. Shortly after the bend take the path going off to the right to return to the walk start.

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The main notice board opposite the toilets at National Trust Formby, grid ref: SD280082

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Formby asparagus walk trail


The route consists of a mixture of stone, compacted earth, grass and sandy paths with some uneven terrain. There's also a short section of boardwalk.

Dogs are welcome throughout but we ask that they are kept under close control at all times and that any dog waste is picked up and removed. Please do not allow dogs to chase wildlife, particularly not wading birds on the beach.

Formby asparagus walk trail

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Formby asparagus walk trail

How to get here

National Trust Formby, Victoria Road, Freshfield, Formby, Liverpool L37 1LJ
By train
Freshfield Station, on Merseyrail Northern Line, 1 mile (1.6 km) walk to National Trust Formby
By road

2 miles (3.2km) off A565. Follow brown tourist signs from roundabout at the north end of Formby bypass (by BP garage). Park at the National Trust car park at Victoria Road, Formby - car park charges apply for non National Trust members. Sat Nav: use postcode L37 1LJ

By foot
Sefton Coastal Path passes through National Trust Formby
By bicycle

National Trust Formby 3 miles (4.8km) from NCN62

Formby asparagus walk trail

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