Visual magic with folly! at Fountains Abbey & Studley Royal

Family looking at Folly! artwork in the Banqueting House

Prepare for something magical this summer…eye-popping artworks in the water garden will trick your eyes and play with your senses....

Take a walk through the water garden to find secret follies tucked away in the trees, perched high on the valley sides and sitting proudly by the shimmering moon ponds.

Inside you’ll find a feast for the eyes with visual magic of the most extraordinary kind.

In the Banqueting House discover a chandelier that comes to life before your eyes including dancing cherubs and chasing monkeys.

In the Temple of Piety you’ll find a mirage that warps and shifts as you move around it, tricking your eyes and playing with your senses…

Mat Collishaw’s eye-popping and enchanting optical illusions tell stories from the garden’s past and will have you utterly mesmerised…

Family looking at Folly! artwork in the Banqueting House

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