Adventure: the maze and Giant's Stride rope swing

With many children to entertain the Fox family planted an extensive maze and also installed a rotating rope swing.

Please be aware that the Giant's Stride rope swing will be closed until further notice.

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Visitors to Glendurgan today are following in the footsteps of the Fox family when they enjoy both of these much-loved parts of Glendurgan. With the Giant's Stride put up in 1915 and the maze planted nearly a hundred years earlier in 1833, family entertainment has always been part of Glendurgan.

The living puzzle

Planted on one side of the valley, this living puzzle is in the heart of the garden. Most people can't wait to reach the middle of the maze, but some enjoy the simple pleasure of sitting opposite and watching others experience confusion, frustration and hopefully celebration.

It's planted with cherry laurel which is vigorous and tough enough to withstand regular trimming and footsteps around its roots. Palm trees mark the four corners of the puzzle and a thatched summerhouse sits in the middle.

Solving the maze
Visitors stand among the hedges of the sloping maze at Glendurgan in Cornwall
Solving the maze

Taking giant strides

When you grab hold of the handles of this rotating rope swing and run faster and faster around the central pole, you'll take bigger and bigger strides. The more people striding round, the more fun it provides. Like the maze the Giant's Stride is also good for spectators too and this part of the garden is characterised by the laughter coming from this simple but enjoyable swing.

Giant's Stride
A young visitor holds onto a handle attached to a rope at Glendurgan in Cornwall
Giant's Stride
Visitors enjoying the Giant's Stride
People swing from a rotating rope swing in a wooded clearing at Glendurgan near Falmouth in Cornwall
Visitors enjoying the Giant's Stride