Seasonal highlights at Glendurgan

A view through trees with changing autumn leaf colour to the Helford River in Cornwall

As well as a stunning display of autumn colour, the garden also offers some more unusual sights and scents at this time of year.

Here we've chosen a selection of highlights to look out for.

Katsura tree, Cercidiphyllum japonicum

The Katsura tree originates from Japan and has a lovely bright autumn colour in October. Its leaves also give off an intriguing candyfloss scent and it can be found on the path between the boat seat and the maze.

The lovely autumn leaves of the Katsura tree
a close up of the bright autumn leaves of the Katsura tree at Glendurgan with a clear blue sky in the background


In autumn these magnificent trees develop bright red seed pods, which stand out amongst the large green leaves and are a very unusual sight.

Unusual seed pods on a magnolia tree
a close up of bright red magnolia seeds on a tree at Glendurgan

Dogwood, Cornus kousa

This tree at the end of the Camellia Walk offers edible lychee-like fruits in autumn and the leaves turn a mixture of lovely rich colours including red and burgundy.

The fruits of the dogwood tree
a close up of the lychee-like fruits of the dogwood tree in autumn at Glendurgan

Tulip tree, Liriodendron tulipifera

This giant tree is one of the oldest trees in the garden and has amazing autumn colour in October. Its lovely yellow leaves will brighten up the garden, even on a dull day.

Tulip tree in autumn
The thick trunk and branches of a tulip tree is silhouetted against an autumn sky with yellow leaves at Glendurgan in Cornwall

What other highlights will you discover on a visit this autumn?