Brilliant bluebells at Glendurgan

a path surrounded by bluebells with a large pink flowering rhododendron in the foreground leads down through the garden at Glendurgan in Cornwall

For more than 25 years the sloping sides of the valley garden at Glendurgan have been looked after to make them a home for a beautiful mix of wildflowers.

This involves cutting them twice a year, raking everything off and weeding them through by hand for invasive plants like docks and hogweed. In spring all this hard work is rewarded by an unforgettable display of wildflowers across the banks. This starts with jewel-like violets and primroses in early spring and reaches a climax with bluebells in the latter part of April and early May.

Bluebells and palms
a path surrounded by bluebells leads down the valley on a sunny day at Glendurgan in Cornwall with palms in the background

Sitting in the boat seat, you can look out over a sea of bluebells, the babbling stream and later flowering magnolia trees. There are also benches around the garden where you can sit and take in the scent of hundreds of these beautiful wildflowers. Further down the valley towards the Helford River, the rapidly growing leaves of exotic plants like giant rhubarb contrast with the delicate nodding bluebells.

Bluebells by the Boat Seat
a carpet of bluebells with wooden boat seat in the background

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