Spring colour at Glendurgan

pink camellias against a bright blue sky

There is a lovely variety of spring flowers to see throughout the valley garden at this time of year.

Spotting the spring colour

From colourful camellias on the Camellia Walk to magnificent magnolias by the maze, there are already lots of spring flowers to see in the garden.



The camellias at Glendurgan are some of the largest and most spectacular in the country, with some nearly one hundred years in age. You can find the tender Camellia reticulata hybrids, such as ‘Shot Silk’ and ‘Robert Fortune’ and ‘Buddha’, Camellia japonica ‘Adolphe Audusson’ and Camellia ‘Inspiration.

Camellias in spring at Glendurgan
a close up of a pale pink camellia flower at Glendurgan
Camellias in spring at Glendurgan


The steep paths and views along and across the valleys allow these spectacular flowers to be viewed and admired in a variety of ways. There are several lovely magnolias to look out for when you visit, including the Magnolia denudata near the boat seat with beautiful ivory-white flowers and the impressive Magnolia campbellii alba next to the maze.  

Glendurgan maze
The wavy hedges of Glendurgan maze in Cornwall seen from above
Glendurgan maze

Wonderful wildflowers

Throughout spring, a variety of wildflowers grow along the various banks at Glendurgan. From snowdrops in February, delicate primroses and daffodils in February and March and beautiful bluebells and aquilegias in late spring, there is lots to spot on a spring walk.

Aquilegias and orchids make up some of the flowers on Glendurgan's wildflower banks
Conservation efforts help protect the spring wildflowers at Glendurgan
Aquilegias and orchids make up some of the flowers on Glendurgan's wildflower banks