Community engagement at Goddards

Delve deeper into the history of Goddards

Goddards is a bespoke, handmade house created for the Terry family and was their oasis away from the busy life of the factory and the city. The Terry home and factory are still part of the landscape and social history of the local York area and people are encourged to delve into the history of this special place in different ways.

A more in-depth learning experience

Many visitors choose to take a leisurely walk round to experience the atmosphere, but occasionally we work in greater depth with groups who visit the property and wish to learn more. In this way, we can offer bespoke learning opportunities.

Some of these opportunities may include tours of the property or short talks. They can also be full projects where visits are out of normal opening hours and provide inspiration whether it is from the amazing architecture of the house, the fascinating stories behind the home or the wonderfully busy gardens and their habitats. 

Every experience is bespoke at Goddards, so if you are interested in working with us, please call to chat through some options.

To get your creative juices flowing, here are some of the previous projects we’ve done with the local community.

Informal local engagement events

In 2017, visitors and local schools got involved in planting thousands of bulbs for the new orchard. Keep an eye on the events section to see if there is anything particpatory coming up.

Working with local schools 

We put on several activities for the pupils of Dringhouses Primary School in June 2018 which linked in with their summer term Key Stage 2 learning project ‘Exploring our Environment’. 

Planting seeds with local school children
Planting seeds with local school children
Planting seeds with local school children
  • The children created paper plant pots and planted seeds, emphasising the importance of using environmentally friendly materials, whilst also exploring the life-cycle of plants and the use of garden produce as food.
  • They discovered different wildlife habitats and thought about what types of environment different animals need to survive, including freshwater creatures which were identified during a pond dipping session. 
  • Goddards provided the perfect place for the students to carry out fieldwork in their local area, giving them the opportunity to get their hands dirty and actually experience and engage with nature.

Working with Higher Education

In January and February 2018, we worked with the tutors and students of the Art Foundation course at York College.

  • The students were asked to create art work inspired by Goddards and Terry’s, focusing on either 1920s pattern and design, 1920s family life, or Terry’s chocolate box packaging and design. 
  • We visited the college and gave a talk about Goddards to give the students some background information before they visited the property.
  • At Goddards the students got to experience the design features of the house and garden and look at some original Terry’s packaging. They also had time to collect information, sketch, take photos etc. to help them produce their final pieces. 
  • The students got the opportunity to work on a live project with real clients and we got to see how Goddards could inspire a range of different contemporary responses in several different mediums such as fashion designs, packaging and fine art pieces. 
Local students inspired for their art projects
Local students inspired for their art projects
Local students inspired for their art projects

Group talks and tours

If it is a talk or tour you are looking for, then here are some examples we can do for groups:

Talks and tours at Goddards

  • Options for 10 minute introductions to give you a grounding for your visit

  • Tours of up to 40 minutes to get a real insight into the family and their home

Call us if you have a specific interest in the house or garden and we’ll see if we can meet your needs. Please note that the house is small so these options are ideal for group of 15-20.

Talks where we come to you

  • Would you be interested in finding out more about the history of our properties and the families that have lived in them?  The Volunteer Talks Service offers a selection of illustrated talks which cover a wide range of subjects about Goddards; including ‘The house built on Chocolate.' 
  • There is no set fee for a talk, however we do request a donation (minimum £1 per head) to support the work of the National Trust and travel expenses.

If you think a talk might appeal to a group you are part of then please call us to arrange on 01904 702021 or email

Enjoy a special interest talk this year
People sat in rows laughing
Enjoy a special interest talk this year

If you don’t see any examples above which fit your group, do ring us as we have previously worked with a wide range of partners, from the Northern College of Costume to the Dementia Action Alliance.