The day job

A Ranger on a newly built bench, enjoying a sea view.

It's important to us that you have access to the natural landscapes that we look after. As wild as our countryside feels, there is a constant cycle of maintenance and care that our special places need.

Day to day our Rangers and volunteers are on the ground looking after our coastal countryside.  They could be out clearing pathways, fixing boardwalks, surfacing car parks, building benches, controlling invasive plants, cutting scrub to open spaces for wildflowers, fencing, beach cleaning, all sorts. 

Keeping the footpaths clear
A Ranger cuts the vegetation to clear a footpath, Roseland, Cornwall
We build new walk ways, boardwalks and bridges
A Ranger building a walk way in Cornwall

During wet winters we keep the drainage routes clear
A pair of feet stick out from a drainage tunnel

Controlled burning of gorse and scrub
A Ranger controls a burn of gorse

Volunteers clear ragwort from coastal countryside, Cornwall
Volunteers clear yellow ragwort, Cornwall
Spot the Ranger cutting scrub on the headland, Cornwall
A Ranger cuts scrub on the headland, Roseland, Cornwall
Bags of rubbish are cleared from beaches and countryside
Bags of rubbish collected from the beach at Lantic Bay, South East Cornwall

Winter work, Rangers clear a fallen tree after a storm
Rangers clear a fallen tree from the road

Next time you’re out and about take note of all the gates, stiles, fences, way-markers and signs you come across, it’s likely that our Rangers have installed them.