Outwood Common winter walk

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Blow away the cobwebs with an exhilarating walk through statuesque woodland and across open farmland. See what the farmers are growing in their fields and discover an enchanting hidden pond.

Trees at Harewoods Outwood Surrey


Map of Outwood Common walk on Harewoods


Outwood Common car park, grid ref: TQ326456


Starting at the Outwood Common car park, walk through the pedestrian gate at the end of the parking area, past the cricket pitch on your right.

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The village cricket team is a vital part of Outwood Common


You'll pass an ivy-covered tree on your right with a weather vane on top. Avoid the first turning on the left; instead continue around the edge of the pitch and take the path into the wood. As you reach the three-pronged fork in the path, keep to the middle. Continue in a straight line between the large oak trees and smaller (previously coppiced hornbeams). The path may be muddy at this point.

Cricket has been played on the pitch on Outwood Common since 1889


Head down towards lowest point, where there is a small crossing over a tiny stream. Continue to the top of the hill, bearing left at the fork.


The path will immediately start to dip down again (surrounded by bramble and holly). There's a ghyll to your left, down a slope. Keep along the top, until you see a path with steps, heading down to a footbridge. Cross the bridge and then carry on up the slope on the other side.

Follow the path over the brook on Outwood Common


Turn right at the top of the hill and follow the path. Keep to the left hand main paths when you come across any forks in the route. You will pass some ash trees. At the end of the path (there's a field in front of you) turn left. Carry on around 200m, to the end of the path, then turn right.

Enjoy the calm of our woodland on Outwood Common


After 30m, you'll see three cottages on your right. Head onto vehicle track (turn left). At the crossroads a few metres ahead, turn left. Just before main road, you'll see a church on the right. Take the small path, on the right, along the edge of the church. Carry on passing areas of laurel, hawthorn, holly and larger oaks, with bracken further along. You'll soon see some large veteran oak trees on your right. Carry straight on along path.

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Outwood Common has some outstanding veteran oak trees


At end of path you’ll reach a public bridleway. Turn right, don't miss the secluded pond on your right. Carry on along bridleway, until you reach a track. Turn left, and walk along until you reach a small fork, with a gate into a field.

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Relax by the pond on Outwood Common


Go through the gate and follow the public footpath along the edge of field, to the right. You'll walk around the field and then come to a gap through a narrow strip of trees, over a bridge across the ghyll. Head up the hill, out of the trees and then into a field.

Footbridge over the ghyll


Go straight ahead, following the edge of the field and you'll come to a cross-roads with a fingerpost. Turn right onto a path between two large oaks in the boundary hedge. Carry on, with a hedge line to your left. At the end of the field you'll meet a path coming up on your right. Carry straight on along a short line of oak trees to reach a stile on the far side of the field, taking you back into woodland.

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At Harewoods the field edges are managed for wildlife


Go over a stile, heading a short distance, until the path turns into a vehicle track, past cottages and the National Trust estate office on your right. Just past the yard, take the path right into woods (between two large conifers).

Follow the path through the conifer trees


Turn left after around 50m, when you reach a swathe of brambles in front of you. Once you reach an area where the ground starts dipping, walk down to a small footbridge over a small stream.


Head straight up the other side and continue until you reach the back of the cricket pavilion. Turn right and follow the edge of the pitch until you reach the path back to the car park.


Outwood Common car park, grid ref: TQ326456

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Outwood Common winter walk


Mainly flat but can be muddy in wet weather.

Outwood Common winter walk

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Outwood Common winter walk

How to get here

Outwood Lane, Outwood, Redhill, RH1 5PW
By train

Redhill and Lingfield stations, then take Cruisers bus 315.

By road

Turn off the A25 at Bletchingley and head south along Outwood Lane. Near the windmill (on your left), turn right along the track into the car park.

By foot

Outwood Common links to several public footpaths; see Ordnance Survey map Explorer 146.

By bus

Cruisers 315, Redhill-Lingfield, alight Millers Lane, Outwood. No service at weekends or bank holidays.

By bicycle

Turn off the A25 at Bletchingley and head south along Outwood Lane. Near the windmill (on your left), turn right along the track into the car park.

Outwood Common winter walk

Facilities and access

  • Ample parking
  • No toilets
  • Local amenities, including pubs (Not NT)