WoodFest, the festival in the heart of the wood at Hatfield Forest

The Green Stage at WoodFest during the evening with green lights dancing across the image and moonlight in the sky with a backdrop of evergreen trees
Not My Circus duo performing on the WoodFest Open Mic Stage

WoodFest at Hatfield Forest, 6-8 September 

Join us for WoodFest, 6-8 September and experience Hatfield Forest as it comes alive with music, crafts and much, much more...

What's on at WoodFest

A wood turner in action

Demonstrations and Workshops

Look out for demonstrations of wood turning new and old, with electric lathes contrasting with a traditional foot-powered lathe. Expect to see the wood chips fly with some chain saw sculpture, or, for some more sedate action, the coppice volunteers creating furniture from hazel poles.

planks of freshly cut hardwoods for sale in the yard

Forest timber for sale

We will be selling a range of sawn timber produced from trees felled in the forest, including oak, ash and hornbeam, as planks and posts, in a range of sizes. A mobile saw mill will be on site, so some cutting to size may be possible. You'll find us in the estate office yard on Sat 8 Sep, from 10.00 to 16.00. This is just beyond the railway bridge, after the turn from the B1256, by the Green Man (CM22 6NE)

Fancy staying the weekend?

Making the most of WoodFest


What is WoodFest?

So what's this all about? Take a quick look our video.