Cartoons and Campaigns - what did Disraeli do for me?

Disraeli punch cartoon

Hughenden’s exhibition 'Cartoons and Campaigns: What did Disraeli do for me?’ looks at the major campaigns of Disraeli’s political life.

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This year we celebrate 150 years since Benjamin Disraeli became Prime Minister. From MP, to Chancellor of the Exchequer and Prime Minister; what were Disraeli’s political achievements? Where did it all start and what did he do that still affects us today? 

We have Disraeli to thank for improving the rights of workers, giving the working man the vote, and making Britain a key player on an international stage.  

Disraeli transformed the Conservative Party and its politics into something we all recognise today.

Punch, a popular Victorian magazine that combined witty and critical comments and drawings of political figures and events, documented Disraeli’s policies.  Thanks to these cartoons, we can chart Disraeli’s political highs, the lows and some of the people he met along the way.

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30 March - 30 November 2018, 11am-5pm

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