Countryside at Hughenden

Hughenden Church in winter

Whilst Hughenden Manor has stories to tell about its Victorian past, the tales in the surrounding countryside go back much further, some 65 million years ago in fact when the chalk rock emerged from the sea and the rolling landscape began to be formed. Today’s hills, walks and woodlands are still evolving and every type of weather gives a different chapter to discover.

Take in the countryside

Wander through the woodlands and explore the countryside to see the impact of the ever-changing seasons. Visit with family and friends or your faithful hound and take in Hughenden's wider estate through waymarked walks or simply see where the day takes you.

Our four colour coded walks range from a gentle 1 mile to a 4 mile hike and begin from the visitor welcome kiosk. They are a great way to start exploring the estate and our cafe in the stableyard makes a good start or finish point. You can find out more and print off trail guides in the walks section below.

Hughenden’s codename during the war was Hillside for good reason as most walks will include a slope or two but the reward for climbing higher is a spectacular view.

Perfect picnics

Our apple orchard has benches for picnics and there are wide open spaces in our pleasure grounds where you can put down a blanket under the shade of the trees. Either bring your own hamper or pick up supplies from the Café and then take your pick; in amongst the apple trees or enjoying the view over the Hughenden valley?

Footpath sign at Hughenden

Winter walks at Hughenden

Enjoy the frosty season with a walk through the parkland and woods around Hughenden.

Explore with our rangers

Interested in finding out more about this fascinating landscape? Our coutnryside rangers have regular events throughout the year. From wildflower woodland walks to children's trail trackers, mini beast trails and butterfly spotting, there's something for everybody. Visit our events page to see what's coming up.

Countryside conservation

The countryside around Hughenden features chalk grassland, managed farmland and acres of beech woodlands which means it is an area rich in wildlife, ranging from red kites to Duke of Burgundy butterflies.

Since the Second World War, the UK has lost around 80 per cent of rare grassland habitats. Monitoring the flowers, butterflies, moths and bugs that make their homes here is an important part of our work and it means we can help to protect them and provide habitats and landscapes that let them thrive, reversing this decline.

Our team of countryside rangers is working every day to actively manage the woodlands and countryside at Hughenden, to maintain the walks and woodlands and to encourage the widest range of wildlife possible.

For ever, for everyone

It's easy to join in with the conservation effort at Hughenden. Supporting the Trust helps to protect the landscapes these creatures call home. You can even take it to the next level and volunteer with us. We have various roles from joining the ranger team or dropping by our Sunday gardening team. It's a fun and flexible way to get involved!

Park Wood Bradenham

Managing our Chiltern woodlands

The landscape of the Chilterns Countryside contains several ancient woodlands, and protecting and managing these extraordinary environments is one of the most important conservation activities we undertake. Find out how we manage our woodlands to encourage the widest range of wildlife habitats.